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Let’s begin with “What’s Yoga?”

Yoga is not only an extremely popular form of exercise, but depending on the form you practice, can be exciting or calming, social or meditative, energizing or relaxing. No matter which of these best describes your yoga class, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of every class you attend.

Our Yoga Tips

* Go to yoga class with an empty stomach. Yoga is full bending, twisting, lengthening, stretching, and strength moves. Eating a big dinner before that kind of movement could result in you cramping up or feeling nauseous and having to leave the class or not participate as fully as youd like.

* Communicate with your yoga instructor. If you have a bad back or a sprained ankle, let your instructor know before class. She or he will offer you adjusted versions of poses or give you a nod when you should skip a pose that could make your condition worse.

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Be Respectful

* Dont be late and dont leave early. This disrupts the instructors train of thought and the concentration of others in the class. Also, you certainly wont get everything you can out of your hour if your hour is cut to 50 minutes before youve even begun.

* Be respectful of others in the class. This means keeping your voice down when you talk to others and in general, keeping conversation to a minimum. Bring your own towel or yoga mat if you need to and make sure that you are clean and not wearing any perfumes or strong scents. If props are used, make sure that you put yours away when youre finished and by all means, leave them there for the next class.

There are many accessories for Yoga exercises that will serve to make you more comfortable, and help you achieve the most benefit from every Yoga pose that you achieve. Some of the accessories are considered to be props, but there are various mats that will prove to be beneficial to.

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