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Yoga weight-loss tips!

Classic gentle yoga poses are hardly up there with intense cardio when it comes to burning fat. However, yoga can be a valuable exercise tool to get in shape, stay in good condition, and lose weight. That’s why we incorporate yoga into Kaia training. The benefits of yoga to your mind, body, and general well-being run deep and practicing alongside a cardio workout such as BRIK can really work well in shedding those excess pounds.

Firstly, let’s start with the reality of yoga as a low fat-burning practice. It’s true that many yoga sessions burn about half as many calories as a brisk walk. However, Power style yoga can be actually more intense cardio than an aerobics class, so really you have to look at the pace and the heart rate. So, how can yoga actually help you lose weight? The answer lies less in its specific calorie-burn but how it inspires weight loss in other ways.

Yoga helps you exercise more
By making you more agile, flexible and allowing for greater range of motion, yoga frees the way for you to make the most of other more intense forms of exercise. Many top athletes practice yoga to complement their sport by keeping their body limber and also to soothe muscles and alleviate pain. The support that yoga brings to your workout means you can move towards your goals more effectively, with balance and stability.

Yoga helps control your appetite and eating patterns
Mindfulness and the focus on breathing and proper form all combine to create a practice that de-stresses your body and your mind. This can transform not only your stress levels but your thoughts and attitude to life. This emotional release can help you deal with any psychological issues related to eating, such as overeating or comfort eating. As well as this, the mind-body connection makes you more aware and this can allow you to recognize when you are full and how food is affecting you.

Yoga creates a toned body
While yoga may not be the most heart-pumping of practices, what it does do is get you in shape, meaning it challenges your strength and helps tone your muscles. While you may not burn fat, a toned body looks and feels more slender. Notice how you walk straighter and taller after a yoga session and how your body feels relaxed yet taut.

Yoga builds muscle for greater cardio burn
Yoga is not practiced at a static level, so the plan in any practice is to progress. Certain poses will test not just your flexibility but also your strength. As you build muscle, without the bulk, you set the body up to burn more calories when you jump into some cardio work. Yoga does the ground work and as a result your cardio sessions are more successful at helping you lose weight.

Yoga relaxes you so you can tackle a weight-loss plan
Another advantage of the holistic quality of yoga, as a mind-body practice, is that it can inspire not just greater overall fitness but also feelings of confidence, clarity and capability. With this greater strength of self you are better equipped to deal with creating and sticking to a weight-loss strategy that works for you.

Yoga detoxifies you so your digestion works better
When your body is full of toxins your organs are not working at their optimal best and this can create not just a lack of energy but also weight gain. Yoga practice is known for being beneficial to your cardiovascular health, your circulatory system and your digestive system too. By creating a better flow your body is less likely to have a problem in shifting the weight and as you add in some cardio into the mix then you will no doubt see the difference.

Yoga is about creating a healthy foundation for the body which you can build on.